September 26, 2016

Ferreira Quality, as seen by Carlos Ferreira


As a result of my latest project, I have realized how much I value providing the finest-quality food to my customers. It is this attention to quality that I want to share with you. While my latest undertaking, Campo, might only seem like a place to enjoy some simple grilled chicken, in reality, it is a carefully considered concept that combines two key elements. The chicken is of course the first element. Now, you might be thinking that a chicken is a chicken, end of story (laughs), but there is more to it than that. Together with the head chef at Ferreira, we spent several months travelling and tasting chickens from all of the artisanal chicken farms in Québec. Of course, we also had to take cost differences into consideration, which led us to reflect on the other factors involved in producing high-quality grilled chicken. First of all, the chicken cannot be raw – it must be grilled! This might seem trivial, given that grills can be bought almost anywhere. But unfortunately, the grills on the Québec market generally transform even the best chicken into an essentially toxic substance. In Portugal, on the other hand, there is an individual who makes specially designed grills: Gresilva is his name, and he is just as concerned with quality and customer satisfaction as I am. How are his grills different? They incorporate the transfer of indirect heat while ensuring that there is no contact between fat and open flames. All the chicken fat falls into a water-filled drawer, and is then filtered through a grease trap. The result: superior texture, taste, and colour. A real masterpiece! What is more, these grills use 40% less gas than other grills, due to the high-intensity heat given off by the device’s ceramic plates, which take two and a half minutes to heat up rather than a full hour. They are indestructible, guaranteed for life, and create very little smoke. That is the story of my chicken (laughs).

I would also like to add that my concern for quality extends to all of our establishments. As you may already know, our fish comes from the deep, turbulent waters of Portugal, and is caught no more than 24 hours before it is served. The fish is flown in by plane; the fishermen are the only ones who handle the product before it arrives. On top of that, most of our fish is caught using line-fishing methods!

Groupe Ferreira offers not only a memorable culinary experience, but also the highest-quality products, without regard to cost. We want you to have a unique experience in our establishments. Attention to detail is my main concern as a businessman. I would like to personally invite you to Groupe Ferreira’s establishments, where all customers are welcomed as friends. I also invite you to share your comments and feedback, as they allow us to make improvements and, most of all, to continue growing.


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Carlos Ferreira