February 19, 2014

F bar 2.0

We love sharing our passion for the tastes and colours of Portugal. And now Groupe Ferreira proudly introduces its brand new restaurant, Taverne F.


Traditionally, a Portuguese tavern offered a rustic and relaxed atmosphere where friends would meet for a drink and to share small dishes of regional cuisine. Today, tabernas serve a fusion of traditional cuisine with a modern touch, in a contemporary and welcoming space.


Come for a drink, but stay for our petiscos – traditional Portuguese side-dishes – every one of which evokes a warm dose of sunshine: Beef tartare seasoned with Piri-piri, Portuguese grilled chicken, Salted cod “à Brás”, stuffed calamari, Chocolate mousse with fleur de sel, and Natas. All these culinary delights are served in a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere that seamlessly fuses the modern with the traditional. One visit and you’re hooked!


Located smack in the middle of the Quartier des spectacles, and open from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday, Taverne F is the new go-to place for cocktail hour get-togethers, to round off an evening or simply have fun with friends.


Take a bite out of Portugal… at Taverne F!