August 27, 2015

When traveling inspires you

When our chef João Dias travels back to the land of his birth, it’s customers of the Groupe Ferreira restaurants who come out on top! He’s so passionate about his work that he never lacks inspiration when enhancing our restaurants’ menus, even drawing on his own personal experiences. That’s why chef João Dias decided to share some very special travel souvenirs from his Holiday Season vacation – a whole host of new Portuguese-flavoured menu items.


So next time you’re eating petiscos at Taverne F, it’s worth remembering that each dish has its own little story. For example, the Lagareiro octopus pays homage to the olive press workers, while the Churrasco is an old recipe for Portuguese-style grilled chicken.


Anyone exploring the Influences menu will find re-imagined traditional dishes like Royal Pizza (shrimp, sea bream, São Jorge cheese) and Rabbit and Madeira Wine-braised Mushroom Stew, flavoured with thyme… making it a true transatlantic taste bud trip!


These little treats are created using products imported from Portugal, all fresh-tasting and unique. We really love it when our chef goes on his travels… but we love it even more when he comes back so full of ideas!